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Students wishing to study in Dubai may also be interested to know that there are more than 65 colleges and universities in Dubai, plus year-round sunshine, thousands of fellow international students, variety and choice in a thriving nightlife scene, and plenty of dedicated student facilities courtesy of the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), a purpose-built free trade zone for tertiary academic institutions. DIAC is home to a selection of globally recognized universities, training centers, e-learning centers, professional centers, and research and development companies, many of which were previously part of the earlier-established Dubai Knowledge Village – also a dedicated education zone.

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Cost of living

One of the interesting features of studying in Dubai is that tuition fee is typically low compared to other major study destinations, which can be attributed to it being an emerging destination. But, when it comes to cost of living in Dubai, it is a bit on the higher side, which, in turn, has to do with Dubai being a commercial and tourist hub. So, if you plan to study in Dubai, it isn’t university tuition fee that you have to keep a close eye on, but rather the cost of living.

When calculating cost of living in Dubai, the first item you have to take care of is accommodation, which incidentally is also the most expensive. And this is in addition to expenses on food, transport, entertainment etc.

Courses and Universities

There are about five public and 58 private colleges and universities in Dubai, serving both Emiratis and expatriates. Because, as in most countries, institutions have independent internal governance, you’ll find variations among universities in Dubai in terms of the subjects they teach (with some specializing in one or two subjects only) and the level of degree program they offer (with some offering only undergraduate or postgraduate programs).

You’ll also find universities in Dubai are categorized as either a local university (founded and based in Dubai) or a branch campus (founded in another country, with a campus in Dubai).

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